How might we keep engagement levels within teams high, while working remotely for a long time in a way that is connecting, energizing and fun?


How might we enable people to keep their spirits up and in a creative space while facing adversity and change?

Annemarie Steen, owner of SteenTrain, has developed PLAY-BREAK, a concept to host engaging online teamfun in a playful way.

What is a PLAY-BREAK?

A short 10-60 min hosted session on Zoom where all participants are invited to actively engage in playful activities together. Some activities are designed for the whole group together, others are for smaller groups or pairs in break-out rooms.

Connect I Energize I Creativity I Fun!

SteenTrain is hosting PLAY-BREAKS in English, Dutch, German and Portuguese for indiviuals and corporate clients.



Sample PLAY-BREAK (dutch)

Annemarie Steen at TEDx about PLAY

Testimonials PLAY-BREAK (english)

More testimonials english

Testimonials PLAY-BREAK (dutch)

More testimonials dutch

With clients we discuss the desired level of playfulness, from a more serious conversation type session around engaging and personal questions, to a total crazy embodied experience. The session sample video would rate an 8 on the crazy curve with boxing/dancing, re-inventing our names, adding superpowers to our alter ego’s, mirror dancing.

Sessions can be hosted in Dutch, English, German, Finnish, Hebrew, French and Cantonese by the diverse team of playful facilitators of SteenTrain around the world.

Looking forward to discuss options with you. Please contact us with possible time and date and we’ll send you a Zoom- or Skype invite to connect (playfully).