Playful Learning

Playful Learning Methodology

Programs and concepts of SteenTrain are characterized by the use of Playful Learning as methodology.

ACTION: This means that participants are invited to participate in (slightly out of comfortzone) actionbased playful learning experiences, especially designed for meeting the learning- and change objectives.

It’s outside our comfortzone where the magic happens

EXPERIENCE: The exercises are designed to attach a positive emotion to the learningexperience.

All learning has an emotional base (Plato)

REFLECTION & INSIGHTS: From reflecting upon these experiences, new insights and awareness will arise. Playful Facilitators of SteenTrain are experts in inviting the participants to make meaning and learn from their experiences.

People don’t learn from experience, they learn from reflecting on their experience (Thiagi)

ACTION: The personal- and group-insights are translated into practical ideas for application and actions in daily life & work.

Vision without action is merely a dream (Joel A. Barker)

COACHING: SteenTrain will assist the participants in making continuous positive growth choices, creating tangible results.

Learning can be fun and real sustainable change is possible!